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What It Takes To Transform Your Body

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Transformation

Ever notice the most successful people on Instagram / Social Media seem to have the ‘perfect’ life?

They make unlimited money, travel 24/7 around the clock and around the world, and have the perfect bodies day in and day out. It can be disheartening for the average mom and dad, the young teenager, the overweight child who sees these images of perfection and badly want to live that lifestyle.

What the average joe, single moms, and teenagers all have in common is they all want to transform their life. Unfortunately they see these manufactured images of perfection and fall into a cycle of self-defeating behaviours. If they only paid closer attention to their own lives and thoughts processes, they could live their own perfect life.

The information on how to do it is everywhere these days, yet only a small fraction of the population is able to achieve and maintain this amazing lifestyle transformation. What is it about their choices and actions that sets them apart? Why are they able to do what they set their mind to, and not the vast majority? Lets dig into this topic today.

Before I get started, lets address the elephant in the room. I used to once dismiss the power of visual confirmation. I believed that the human spirit should look past the surface level physique and aim for higher goals. While I still believe in this, I have no choice but to acknowledge the POWER behind having a good physique and the mental, emotional, and psychological changes that can bring to someone who wakes up feeling their best and also looking that way.

There is something magical that happens when your own healthy perception of you is confirmed by what you see in the mirror and are able to do with your body. Whether you play sports at an international level, or work a physical job where you need to perform ever day, looking the way you feel can go a long way to boosting performance and making your self-belief indestructible. This is very reflective in elite athletes where the difference between a gold medallist and the rest of the competition is the belief they have in their abilities because they have seen what they can achieve during practices, over and over again.

So with that in mind, lets get into the 5 top thoughts you need to cultivate in order to achieve the physique of your dreams.


Habit 1 – Positive Mindset & Attitude

You can do it. Just do it. Go for it.  – These are words we all hear from our supporters & loved ones as we grow up and navigate life. Anyone who has ever believed in themselves can attest to how powerful this support can be in helping you achieve your goals. SO why does it work in this way? Why can someone else’s support make such an impact on our achievements?

It is because when someone else believes in us, we believe in ourselves with even more surety. However, as we grow older, something changes in the majority of people and they stop believing in themselves. Specially in today’s social media crazed world, everyone  begins to look for validation and support from strangers and loved ones online.

If you want to be successful, understand this mechanism and begin to cultivate a positive mindset and attitude. A positive mindset implies that you look at every situation and try to find the positive. Every event/occurrence/experience can be learned from, and this is a cornerstone habit of successful men and women across the world.

Start to grow your mindset by waking up every morning and affirming that you will have a successful day. Pick ONE positive self-affirmation and say it out loud to yourself in the mirror every morning. For example, I deal with angry people on  a regular basis in my life. One of my morning affirmations is that no matter what today brings, I will remain calm and navigate the waters as they come, and I will come out the other end of today just as happy if not more than what I am starting with.

The second part to this is having a good attitude. This means being open to the world as it is, and not carrying all your negativity with you all the time. As a coach, one of the few things I cannot coach someone past is a negative / self-defeating attitude. Unfortunately I see it all too often – men and women beating themselves up for mistakes they’ve made years ago, or hating themselves for their current weight / physique and saying to themselves that they will never get in shape (i.e. be happy), and so on.

If you have a bad attitude, you can tell by the way people distance themselves from you. It is not hard to spot once you stop talking and pay attention to how people act around you.

Stop, take a breath, and refocus your energies to more positive thoughts. Open your mind up to the possibility that you can achieve your dream body, as long as you put the time and work into it.

A negative attitude is one of the most devastating things you can carry within you, so make this a top priority to change. And don’t wait for Monday to start. Start today.


Habit 2 – Consistency

I truly would have put this point as the #1 habit because of how important it is. Consistency is the key to life. If you consistently do something incorrectly (overeating, junk food diets, crash diets, no exercise), you will have unfavourable outcomes (weight gain, obesity, etc). If you do things correctly (eat healthy for your body/lifestyle), you will end up with favourable outcomes (the body you want, better health, better performance in life).

Consistency is THE way to transform your body. Whether you walk 20 mins a day and gradually increase that amount, or you eat a little less junk food, staying consistent day in and day out is the way your favourite Instagram models get in and remain in shape.

And if they can do it, so can you. They have the same physical faculties as you do, so all you need to do is set your mind to your goals and repeat positive behaviours every day, over and over again.


Habit 3 – Balance

Tell me if you’ve seen this before, or have done this yourself. Jan 1st comes along and everyone makes a resolution to get into the best shape of their lives. The very next day, gyms can hardly keep up with the influx of new members signing up. But by the end of February of the same year, the same gyms are empty once again.

This is the same pattern as the one yo-yo dieters implement, and this is why this extreme approach to fitness fails, every year. Just like yo-yo-dieting, this yo-yo-gym habit leads to over-training, mental exhaustion, and dissatisfaction due to improper expectations, and people fall off the ‘wagon’.

If you’;ve spent 10 years abusing your body and gaining weight/fat, don’t expect it to fall off in 2 weeks, or 30 days, just because you are on a new ‘detox tea diet’ and are wearing a new and improved ‘body wrap’.

Find a balance. Approach fitness with enough time, and don’t go all out and burn yourself out. The best results in the gym are achieved when you give yourself enough time, expect slow returns, but stay consistent and balanced throughout the process.


Habit 4 – Setting Goals

This one is a no-brainer, but to be successful at a body/life transformation, you need to set goals. Not just in your mind, but on paper. Write down you 1, 3, and 6 month goals on a piece of paper and post it on you bedroom wall. Look at it every day as you do your affirmations and ask yourself if what you have planned ofr today leads you to this goal.

We are all human and we all forget, get lazy, and become complacent. Writing down and posting our goals where we can see them helps us in these challenging times to stay on the path to success.

At my very best fitness level, I had a small notebook where I would track my daily nutrition. At the back of this book, on the last page, I had my goals written out. I would look at them when it got difficult to maintain my diet, and it got me through a lot of difficult times. The power of writing down what you want to achieve, and how you plan to get there is immense.


Habit 5 – Seeking Help

This last point is less of a habit and more of an action step. Successful people are always the ones who try something themselves, but when they see they cannot get past plateaus, they ask for help.

There is a reason why they say you should spend most of your time with the people you want to be like. You are turly the averagwe of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so why not put that time towards those who are where you want to be?

In the fitness industry, I come across coaches and trainers all the time who are too proud to get a coach themselves. Somehow it becomes a matter of pride and they don’t want to hire a coach to help get out of a rut, even if they don’t know how to motivate themselves any more beyond where they are stuck. This happens to regular joes and janes as well, who think they can do it all by themselves the first time around if they just ‘stay motivated’. Little do the know, motivation is nothing. Habit and dsicipline is everything. And a majority of the time, we all need osmeone to keep and hold us accountable for our habits, actions, and dscipline when it comes to diet and training.

I am a strong believer that if you want to be a great coach, you must be coachable yourself. And I also believe that we all like to do the things we enjoy, and avoid that which we need ot do but don’t enjoy doing. So I believe in asking for help and even to this day, I have coaches in every discipline I engage myself in. I like to call this my ‘white belt mentality’.

I approach each life transformation, whether physical, mental, emotional, as a white belt, and I look to those who can help me get where I want to. I ask questions, and use the expertise of my coaches to help me improve every day. This has proven to be a valuable practice time and time again, and is something I highly recommend to everyone, no matter what avenue of life you are trying to improve on.



To sum it up, if you want to transform your body and mind you must be willing to do things differently than you have been doing so far. The 5 points I have outlined in this article should give you a strong start in the right direction. The rest of the journey is one of self-discovery, so embrace the challenge and go learn what makes you tick.

Find out what you are made of, and use these five strategies to help you improve your life.

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