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Burn Fat, Lose The Treadmill.

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Training

With 2017 rapidly approaching, thousands of shoes will hit treadmills tracks in the never-ending desire for a fit body. The common misconceptions we see year after year will show up again and the treadmill will become the most sought after equipment at the gym.

This pattern repeats itself year after year, just like the pattern of people giving up on their fitness journeys after just 2-4 weeks of intense effort.

I am going to highlight a few of the best strategies to help you save time, burn fat, and ditch the treadmill while doing so. This year, make a real change in your health & fitness. Make a difference in your life and become the best version of you.


#1 – Ditch The Treadmill.
Forget the dogmatic approach you have tried for years and get rid of steady-state cardio from your mind. There will be countless other drones to take your place. Break out of the mould that you need to do endless hours of cardio to burn fat. In fact, the longer someone spends on a treadmill, the worse off their fat loss is.

Instead of wasting your life and body away on hour long cardio sessions, do a quick 5-10 min HIIT session with 10-30 sec high intensity bursts of exercise (my favourites are prowler/sled push, sprints, and resistance bike / hill sprints), followed by minimum 1-3 min rest until you recover for another round. Repeat this 10-15 times, and do that twice a week. Watch as you fat melts away and your body burns calories for days after each HIIT session!


#2 – Pick Up Weights, Often.
You must have a sound strength training program to help your body build muscle and burn fat. Muscles are one of the body’s primary calorie consumers, and the more you challenge them, the better they are at burning calories, torching fat, and getting you lean. The added benefit of putting on some lean muscle is you ‘fill out’ in the right areas (both men and women), and look much better in your clothes as well as without them!


#3 – Fix Your Diet!
I saved the most important point for last. The golden rule for burning body fat – you MUST manage how much food you eat in relation to your exercise frequency, intensity, and duration. You must also take into consideration the various forms of stress in your life and how much sleep you are getting daily. If your diet and sleep are off, then you can do more harm to your body and cause more fat gain. This is the most important aspect of any training program.

The best thing you can do for yourself if you are new to the gym or have been training for years and are stuck at you current level, is to get a coach. A good coach will be able to help figure the best approach for your diet and training based on your lifestyle and history.


I hope this short post helps your aim yourself more precisely for the new year with your fitness goals. To have any kind of success in life, you must set goals and plan meticulously, so if you fail to plan, then plan to fail in the new year.

Don’t let 2017 be the same as every other year. Find a coach, get their help in fixing your diet, cardio, and strength training programs, and go to the work in the gym.

Getting in the best shape of your life is surprisingly easy, but where most people fail is that they do not plan how to get from setting down goals to the final destination. Don’t be another statistic of lifestyle disease.

Get your fitness journey started today!